How Do You Start An Introduction To A College Essay?

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How Do You Start An Introduction To A College Essay?

It is difficult to hook your reader to your college essay when you are unaware of how to write a compelling one. If you fail to get the attention in the introduction part, rare are the cases where professors continue till the conclusion. They leave midway and mark you for the mistakes you’ve made in the introductory part. Therefore, prior to submitting your college essay, consider taking an essay writing help and improve your writing skills.

This help will support you in mending a perfect essay that has high readability and excellent overall performance. Starting with the introduction to the conclusion, this guide will benefit you a lot. We know many of you students have to juggle hard between work and personal life. Therefore, we have prepared an ultimate guide to help you improve your writing skills.

In the following section of this article, you’ll find the tips that are fruitful to make your essay’s introduction flawless and captivating. Unless the introduction of your essay is grabbing, you cannot make the main body appealing. Hence begin with working on the opening and then proceed to the main body and later closing.

1. Make an Outline First

An outline is important. Once you have decided on your topic, make a route to write your essay. This route is an outline. The outline helps you make a trajectory so you don’t lose your pick midway. It is a step-to-step plan or you can say a framework that will help you shape your essay. For the introduction, in particular, make a rough draft about what you want to include in your introduction, what must be present in your introduction, and what can be added to your introduction.

This practice will help you cover all the main points and avoid all that is futile. Precisely, you can say that an outline gives organization to your thoughts and gives you a direction to lead your overall essay and connect the introduction to each of its sections.

2. Freewriting Can Add A Plus

In the allotted time for your essay, pick out a small chunk like hardly three minutes, and practice freewriting. Without a stop, write whatever comes to your mind. Whatever literally means whatever! Doesn’t matter if it’s relevant to your objective or not or is something you’re worried about.

Writing specifically on your topic is also recommended but we believe writing whatever declutters your mind best. About writing freely on your topic specifically, consider brainstorming. Freewriting picks out all the unwanted thoughts and helps you focus on your introduction better. This practice also juices up your thinking and helps you write an excellent launch without being stuck.

3. Focus Hard On the First Sentence

Your first sentence is the essence of your entire baking, make sure to make it an appealing one. Think smart with writing your first line and avoid using any typical sentence. Be unique, be organic, and come up with an appealing line. Following it, compose other shreds of your introductory paragraph. Don’t forget to make the first line catchy, intriguing, and engaging. The connectivity of the sentences should not be avoided either.

Now proceed with writing the entire vivid paragraph. If you think your administrator will read your entire document, you are wrong. They will thoroughly read your introduction and conclusion, the rest will be just scanned.

Remember to not:

  • Add definitions
  • Explain everything
  • Re-write your question
  • Write an extremely long sentence

4. Don’t Include Clichés

Adding clichés in the introductory part ruins your entire essay. According to famous educationists, when they read a cliché in the introduction, they know the writer has got no creativity and there will be a lot of copied items in it.

Also, avoid using the usual sentences that everyone uses. Instead, go for one that is self-made and gives you an edge over others. The first sentence normally doesn’t need to be insightful but the rest of the content from the introduction must. Try to add a bit of element about your objective, so it makes sense to your reader.  

5. Add Some Drama

The drama here doesn’t mean melodrama. It means hype. To give heat to your essay, an introduction is the right time. Start with the unexpected. Something that your reader never read nor expected from any writer will give you room to add more elements and keep the reader hooked to your essay.

Such essays are intriguing grabs your readers’ attention in the first place. Add a bit of surprise, while articulating, take a sudden shift. Make your introduction dramatic by taking an unpredicted and extraordinary turn. However, don’t leave roots or you’ll start getting off the tangent.

6. Position Your Hooks

Earlier we were discussing tips to bring the readers’ attention. Now, it is about retaining their attention. To make sure your readers stay hooked to your essay, implant ties that will stimulate your audiences’ interest and keep them immersed in your article.

You can add any specific details whose explanation you will provide in the main body. Make sure to write them in a way that occupies your reader’s interest and keeps them captivated throughout. After every 2-3 sentences, add these hooks. Also, don’t forget to add shorter sentences. Try your best to not exceed 20 words.

7. Edit and Proofread

Time to wind up your introductory paragraph. After you’re done composing your launch, before proceeding further, go for a thorough check. Since it is a college essay, you cannot afford mistakes and grammatical errors. Give your paragraph a proofread and read it at least two times. At this point, you’ll definitely find some mistakes, alter them! We are sure there will be sentences that won’t please you, edit them and iterate them. What’s not pleasing you won’t get your readers’ attention either. So, be very meticulous in this last part.


Now you know how to start your introduction to a college essay. Work hard on these points and write an opening that will not only draw your readers’ attention but give them a sense of creativity. To craft an exceptional piece, avoid using typical sentences. Get yourself enrolled in any writing course and get some essay writing help. It is important to elevate your results and stand out from your opponents.

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